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Die nachfolgende Information basiert auf einer Technote von IBM:

I receive a licensing error (error code 2085 - symptom 37 / 2072 - symptom 4 / 7003 / 7001 / 2) when I start SPSS?

Nearly all licensing issues with SPSS can be fixed by following these steps:

NOTE: If you do not have a valid, unexpired license then that will be the root cause. However, assuming you have a valid license, these errors indicate that the license file saved in the installation directory is not valid. Perhaps the license file is missing or out of date and has not been updated, often even though you may have already run the License Authorization Wizard (LAW).

1. First, try just running the License Authorization Wizard (“LAW”) again. It is important that Windows users start the LAW by right clicking and selecting ‘Run As Administrator’.

Windows users - Please complete the following steps:

   Navigate to Start > All Programs > (relevant program directory)
   Right Click on “License Authorisation Wizard” and select “Run as Administrator”
   Complete the license authorisation wizard, entering the authorisation code you have been provided with
   Restart SPSS.

Mac users - Please complete the following steps:

   Search in Spotlight to find the SPSS Statistics License Authorization Wizard
   Complete the license authorisation wizard, entering the authorisation code you have been provided with
   Restart SPSS

2. If the above does not resolve the problem, you will need to rename the existing license file so that it does not interfere with the re-licensing of the product, and then relicense it.

Windows Users

  1. Go to the folder where Statistics 22 is installed. The default location is C:\Program Files\IBM\SPSS\Statistics\22 (or 23)
  2. Look for the "lservrc" file.
  3. Right click on this and select ‘Rename’
  4. Rename it to "lservrc_old"
  5. Run the Statistics License Authorisation Wizard (right click to run as Administrator) and re-licence Statistics 22 with the standalone code.
  6. The SPSS Program should now launch without error

Mac Users

  1. Open up FINDER
  2. Open up the APPLICATIONS folder
  3. Open up the IBM folder
  4. Open up the SPSS folder
  5. Open up the Statistics folder
  6. Open up the version of Statistics xx.x (22 or 23) depending on the installed version of Statistics)
  7. Locate the "SPSSStatistics.app" (application bundle) and bring up the contextual menu of that bundle and choose "Show Package Contents".
    NOTE: Depending on how your Mac OS X key board is set up, you will either need to hold the "Control" key or the "Command" key followed by a Click of the mouse to get to the Statistics application bundle.
  8. Open up the Contents folder
  9. Open up the bin folder
  10. Locate and Control Click lservrc and choose Rename, and rename it to "lservrc_old"
  11. Run the License Authorization Wizard
  12. Re-launch Statistics. The software should now launch without error.