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VPN Client startet nicht

VPN 4.8 does not show on my screen.

Q:It shows up in the task bar and on the sys tray... I try to right click and restore it but nothing happens... So I've uninstalled-reinstalled it but the same problem happens. I haven't deleted the folder after its installed yet because of a "if you delete this folder it could affect other programs etc error. Should I delete the folder and try another reinstall? Is there a repair tool/options for this? Its really starting to tick me off.

A:I think removing the cisco vpn client entries from the registry may help you. You may uninstall the client, then check if there is any folder remaining of its installation and delete it. Then delete the registry entries for the client.

VPN Client Installationsproblem

Q:Hi guys,this is gonna sound stupid but here goes. I tried to install client 4.08msi but it failed.Tried to remove it but still leaves a file called "installservcie.exe" and won't let me remove it,not right peremission even though I'm the admin for my laptop.

A:If the uninstall process doesn't finish you may use this :

How to Manually Uninstall the Cisco VPN Client 3.5 and Later for Windows 2000 and Windows XP http://www.cisco.com/en/US/products/sw/secursw/ps2308/products_tech_note09186a0080094b7f.shtml

VPN Client Firewallproblem



VPN Client Connection terminated Reason 403

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